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GymTerra is an Eco –Friendly Sportswear Brand, manufacturer & online retailer based in the United Kingdom with recognised Athletes supporting the Brand Worldwide

Co-Founder Graham Madderson has dedicated his life to the fitness industry since 1985, fulfilling many roles from gym member to gym owner & competitor to Coach. Over that time he has experienced many changes & developments within the industry one notable development being the growth of the gym wear trade & the negative impact this was having on our planet

With the demand for quality, gym wear increasing year on year so was the terrible side effect of PLASTIC POLLUTION that was accompanying this growth

An accidental encounter with fabrics & textiles expert Nitin Chouhan, who shared the same concerns about plastic packaging & its effect on the environment resulted in the creation of GymTerra a NO PLASTIC PACKAGING BRAND

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Our vision was simple, to supply quality fit for purpose clothing & accessories without the use of plastic packaging, a vision we should spread across the entire industry.

Images of masses of plastic bags were being used to promote the success of clothing brands on social media, tons & tons were being shipped by air, sea & land daily all in the name of profit to our disgust


No Plastic Packaging Brand

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We at GymTerra exist to unite each other in a community willing to stand for CHANGE & PROGRESS

Indeed our entire industry is all about CHANGE & PROGRESS, how we train & perform ultimately changing our looks & appearance.

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We can all make more than a fashion statement.
Our GUARANTEE: Every purchase prevents plastics from polluting our planet