Gymterra Athlete Profile: Paul Ryan Douglas

paul rayn douglas bio blog

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Today we get to know Paul Ryan Douglas one of our Gymterra Athletes.

I am a very outgoing yet adaptable person who brings life and enthusiasm to the workplace. I am very highly motivated and can motivate others around me just as effectively.

I have been working as a support worker for over 6 years now and honestly, could never imagine myself doing any other kind of work. The enthusiasm and passion I have for working with young people have only grown stronger with time. I thrive on the overwhelming feeling to make even a slight difference to a young person’s life. I consider myself a people person and thrive off my ability to help, understand and read others, even when faced with adversity.

My interests include weight training, horology, nutrition and travelling.

Here is an example of m current diet.

M1 100g of ground rice scoop of chocolate whey and 60g blueberries

M2 pre WO 100g of instant oats, scoop of whey and 1 bagel with jam

M3 Post WO 100g of Rice Krispies and a scoop of whey

M4 200g of chicken breast with 250g of white rice

M5 200g of chicken with 200g of pasta (packet)

M6 100g ground rice of blueberries with scoop of whey and 60g blueberries

On a non training day it’s the same except I don’t have the post WO mealCals

Fat 40
Carbs 477
Protein 245