Sports Bikini

The Gymterra Sports Bikini is made out of fabulous fabric blend for quick-drying & minimal water retention in a variety of colours. It is sold as a two-piece set: briefs and bikini top. Both top and briefs have fully adjustable straps to top & bottom for fit & confidence. The bikini top has a sleek minimal design. Both briefs and bikini is available in blue dawn, red passion and yellow haze, and is the best quality swimwear you can find.

Whether you are into beach sports, surfing or just lounging on the shore, a swimsuit that fits your body shape should be considered when shopping for a swimsuit. Wearing the wrong size or style of swimsuit can not only be uncomfortable but it can also expose an embarrassing flaw that you are trying so hard to conceal. For example, the Gymterra Sports bikini has a beautiful cut with a beautiful colour selection. It has a natural waistline for added support and is sold as a two-piece set: bikini top and briefs.

If you want to look sleek, sexy and sporty, Gymterra offers some of the best quality athletic bikini tops and briefs. These two pieces are sold separately and can be purchased together. When purchasing the second piece you should choose a style that compliments your body shape and fit.