Sports Shorts

Looking for Sports Shorts then look no further than Gymterra trusted as a supplier to top athletes and gym lovers, including worn by many people while working out. Our Gym sports shorts are made with fabrics that enable for maximum comfort and convenience, including cotton, nylon or Lycra. Gymterra sports shorts are supplied with no plastic packaging unlike many brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok. By purchasing from Gymterra you not only helping a local sporting goods store but also the environment.

Women’s sports shorts tend to be a little more fashionable than men’s and come in various designs. For example, many women prefer sports shorts with an elasticized waist to go around their waist and give a little extra belly coverage. 

Both men and women often use compression shorts for performing their exercises in. Compression shorts are made of a material that draws moisture away from the body to help promote faster and more efficient breathing while working out. compression sports shorts often come in a variety of colours and patterns and are used for many different sports, including running, weightlifting, tennis, basketball, soccer, track and field, aerobics, yoga, swimming, and martial arts. Not only do compression shorts help you perform your workouts more comfortably, but they also help you burn more calories. Check out our full range of gym wear today.