Womens Gym Shorts

Women’s gym shorts are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. They work to help keep you cool, as well as helping to prevent injury. Gym training shorts are also designed to be comfortable and flow with your own body to provide the optimum level of exercise. Elasticated waistbands provide a customised and tailored fit that helps you maximize your workout, while breathable, moisture-wicking training shorts help to keep you dry and cool.

It is common for training and gym shorts to stretch after repeated use, so invest in some good quality pairs, which will last for longer. When choosing gym shorts for women, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, including hi-cut, low-cut, crew, or boxers. The cut is an important factor as it shapes the way your legs and butt look when wearing the shorts, and is often the first thing a woman notices about them. A tighter cut elongates the thighs, creating a look more like a short dress than shorts. For maximum comfort choose a slightly loose-fitting top, whilst a more loose-fitting bottom will give you greater freedom of movement when working out.

The key to purchasing women’s gym shorts that will be comfortable, feel great and support your needs is to get one that’s right for your body shape. Women’s compression shorts are perfect for the women who need to look their best, whilst adding the support and cushioning essential for a comfortable, low impact workout. Made with a special blend of materials such as spandex, cotton and Lycra, compression shorts for women are extremely comfortable and help to reduce the risk of chafing when doing high impact workouts. For maximum comfort, go for a pair that features an adjustable elastic mid-section, which helps to ensure your shorts don’t ride up and bunch up at the bottom of your thighs.